Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Top Ten Tuesday: YA Contemporary Books

Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Young Adult Contemporary Books

NOTE: The following books are listed not in order. NOT IN ORDER. 


Okay. I'll admit how much I love this book. It's not a favorite of mine. (Not by far.) But I still love it. How it writes out these teenagers' problems. It's heartbreaking. The details. The pain. The torture and hatred boiling under their skin. Willa Strayhorn did a fantastic job. 


I got this as an e-ARC from IW Gregorio. 
And I have to say that I didn't like how girlish the narrator was. I understand now, though, why IW wrote her that way. To show the change. To show that our girl was still female. Even if DNA told her otherwise.
This is a LGBT. A good LGBT book. It talks about intersex. Not a known part of LGBT. But still a part  nonetheless. This shows the real problems of bullying and trying to fit in. 
Even if you used to fit in.


While the romance annoyed me, I'll admit the sibling bond is great. Positively great. I love when familial or friendly bonds surpass romance. While that isn't true for this book (not really), it's still a good book. 
No surprise since it has a 4.10 out of 5 on Goodreads.


This book...it's interesting. I want to say more about it, but it's surpassed words really. 
It's a good book. 
Just read it. 


When talking about contemporary, this book comes to mind. This is a true contemporary book. Plus, it's been written to be understood. But not completely understood. 
If that makes sense.
It's a quick read. 
But it's much more.
I know I watched the movie first. (I'll sadly admit that.) But the book is much better. The movie shows the pain. It paints the picture the book speaks of...but it doesn't give what the book can give.
There is a reason this book has withstood time.


This book was emotional for me. A roller coaster.
And all because of my friend named Tyler.
I like this nonetheless.
It's all about the 'what's next'. The things that happen after the deed. 
There is always a tomorrow. Even if it doesn't seem that way.


I met Jody Casella. She's really nice. I have TWO signed copies of this book at home. I can't wait to get to giveaway time. (Coming soon!) I'll be giving this baby away.
But enough about that. 
This book...it's good. A brotherly bond.
And a surprise twist! (No spoilers!)
This book really is a ride. You have to cling to the pages to understand the story.


I read this a while back.
I still remember parts of it.
This book was good. It showed being outcast in a different light. Falling in love in a different light. 
I do recommend this book.


I can relate to some of the character traits. I get angry. I get sad. I hide my feelings sometimes. I find the truth in words written by people both alive and dead.
I feel these characters a bit more than the other main characters on this list.
I also know the power of a teacher's kind words. 


Remember the movie about DID? (Then called multiple personality disorder. Now called disassociative identity disorder.) This book reinvents DID. It shows it differently.
And not only does it show DID differently. It shows people differently. The past differently. How guilt wrecks us all. 

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