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This is me. I'm Wren. I'm a book blogger who started back in August 2014. I was Into the Written Word (http://intothewrittenword.wordpress.com ) before I turned to Blogger/Blogspot. 

The History: 
I liked books for a long time. I'm going to say I started my love of books about five or so years ago. (It's an interesting story actually.) Books are amazing. I was drawn in to them. Into the worlds that I may never see. (Fantasy was big for me when I was younger.) I liked the trip to another world. Truth be told, I hated books before I really got into reading. I really did. I was another typical human being, reading only for work and never for pleasure. I feel into the spell of reading. The allure. 

I'll tell you I started book blogging for ARCs. Really. It changed as I went along. I started liking the reviews. I thought more about the books. The themes, the characters. I wasn't very good at saying I liked a book and why I did. I didn't have many books I liked before book blogging. I know have books I like. Books I hate. Things along those lines. Book blogging makes me think.  

The Favorites: 
Thank you for speaking my thoughts...

I love dystopian books and urban fantasy. Think 'Divergent' and 'Ashfall'. (Both books I enjoyed.) 
Some of my favorite books are: 
'The Archived' by Victoria Schwab
'Bitterblue' by Kristin Cashore
'Partials' by Dan Wells
Well...you get the picture. I like a lot of different genres. And a lot of different books. 
Romance isn't a must for me. I do enjoy romance on the occasion. You'll notice that when you read my reviews. I rant sometimes about the amount of romance. Or the lack of it between two characters. (That's rare, dear readers.) 
I'm a student with a love for books. I write on the occasion. You might never see my writing. That's fine by me. Completely fine. 

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