Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Reasons You Don't Give Me Contemporary Books

  1. Contemporary books portray romance incorrectly. Have you seen these relationships? They seem quite impossible by my standards. Getting together quickly. I see that. Admitting love within a few hours? No. Stop it. 
  2. I'll chuck it down the hall because of the inaccurate portrayal of mental health. Sometimes...they're right. I'll admit that. But I will also admit that most times they're wrong.
  3. LGBT is ignored or downright hated. I know this is slowly and steadily becoming less and less true. But I am a supporter of LGBT. I want to read LGBT! In contemporary and not have it labeled as LGBT.
  4. No action. There is a reason, though. Contemporary action books? That's called crime novels typically. 
  5. Too much drama. I don't care if your boyfriend cheated on you. Get over it.
  6. The girls are too whiny. (Look at five.) They keep whining about things. I know you're female. But grow a pair.
  7. The guys are 'perfect' and 'tall' and 'sparkling'. (Haha. Sorry. I had to throw in the last one.) Guys aren't. Teen guys are imperfect as they can be. They're snotty and raucous. Dirty-minded and all. They don't have sparkling skin or perfect hair. What guys do you know?
  8. The parents are ignored. This isn't always true, but with some contemporary books, the parents aren't there. Poof. Gone. I get it if they're dead  or something. But still. Parents are people too!
  9. The Asian American guy walked into a bar. He wore glasses and was smart. And along came with in the African American guy with a gun and Native American with a poker chip. Okay. I mean stereotypes. These aren't true, people! Caucasians aren't everywhere. In fact, my school is mostly black! (Meaning the race. Not the ethnicity. I'm being accurate. Or trying to...) Not all African Americans are dangerous serial killers. Not all Asian Americans are 'smart'. I know enough Asian Americans who are better at the arts or athletics! 
  10. They simply don't get it right. By this...the relationships are fake. The people are fake. The heroine is wimpy. The guy is perfect. I can go on. This essentially sums up the other reasons. But frankly and simply.  

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