Friday, March 20, 2015

Fangirl Friday: Paper Towns and Panic! At the Disco (I'm ALLOWED to Fangirl Over This) And Something Else

Fangirl Friday

Paper Towns and Panic! At the Disco (Who cares if this isn't bookish?) And Something Else...

Paper Towns Trailer

So. This is a thing. Apparently... 
The movie based on the John Green (Again?) book has released its official trailer!
What do I think of the trailer?


Panic! At the Disco

Because I have revived my love of this band.
Even if this isn't bookish...oh well. 
I used to love this band.
Then stopped and moved on to Fall Out Boy. (FOB for life.) 
But now...
P!ATD has come back into my life! 
Wow. Okay. That's all I have. 


I actually love this song. This is an amusing GIF, though...


Something Else

You may or may not know this. But I'm a part of the Guardian's book...thing. It's hard to explain. I get books to read and review. (RAR, guys.)
My next book from this lovely group?
The Tiny Cooper story by David Levithan! (Not it's actually name.)
It's going to be a musical!


Look at that beauty! All sparkly and gay! (Because...dude. Tiny is gay. And in a stereotypical world, he would be REALLY gay.) 
In fact...
“the world’s largest person who is also really, really gay” 
I just took that from the blurb. Really.
I can't wait to get this! Squee!

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