Sunday, February 22, 2015

Introducing: Fangirl Fridays and Top Ten Tuesdays and...-drum roll- More Posts! (Hopefully...)

Hey, everybody!

I'm Wren. ( know...owner of this blog.)
In an attempt to try and ramp up my views, I will be posting more! (And not just reviews!)

I will add something I call Fangirl Fridays.
I will (essentially) tell you about the things I fangirled about during the week. And maybe some other things.

And 'stealing' from Once Upon a Twilight  (Go check them out!), I will start Top Ten Tuesdays. I'm not the best with top tens. So I'll try my best. Muwaha.

This will be something I will try to initiate. I am a very opinionated person, so I'll add in opinion pieces. (About diversity. About LGBT. It all depends.) I will post things like that. Or maybe things about the book turned movies. And the works...

I can actually be a very bubbly and fun person if I care to, guys. You just need to contact me! Or...go to my Twitter or something! I can also be very dreary and whatnot. So yeah!

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