Friday, February 27, 2015

Fangirl Friday: The Dress, Beta-Reading, and ARCs

Fangirl Friday

The Dress, Beta-Reading, and ARCs

Recently, there's the animosity between two sides of people. 
Because of a simple dress. 
I ended up searching the why... (To help figure it out myself.) 
It has to do with light. 
I saw gold and white at first. Then, I saw black and blue. What about you?


Well! I might be a beta-reader, guys! I found someone who needed a beta-reader off of Goodreads. (I forgot who. And where. One of my groups.)
So I sent out an email to help. Yay! I might not get it. It all depends, guys. I hope I do. I want to help out writers however I can!

I have officially received two ARCs. Both ebook format. One called 'Dare to Dream'. The other called 'None of the Above'.
Which I am so happy about! ARCs are the reason I started book blogging. I wanted one. So bad. And it's been a long time. But I have one now! Huzzah! Hooray! 
Wren's awesome! (Wait...what?)
Haha. I also hope to get an ARC of Susan Ee's 'End of Days'. She's such a nice author! Very kind. I have some tattoos from her. I might use them in a giveaway. Maybe one year anniversary!?!? 

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