Wednesday, January 28, 2015

'Nightingale' by Kay Causer


Naomi and Jesse have been living peacefully for the past few months, like normal teenagers, but now the spirit world has a new task for them. Another girl has been called but no one seems to have any idea where she could be. Never mind the revelation that Jesse’s grandparents are hiding something important from him. 

In London, Ava’s dream of studying music has finally come true but she’s completely terrified, and she hasn’t even met the Shadows yet. Ava doesn’t want to be a shadow weaver but, with her unique abilities, she may be vital against the growing forces of their enemies.

With secrets lurking in Jesse's past and both new and old enemies to contend with, it looks like their troubles are only just beginning

Naomi wasn't a bad character. She is, as usual, with Jesse. She's still tough. Still a fighter. She is someone who kept going. I liked that she cared to help Ava. She might have been reluctant before, but she grew into helping her. I liked her better in this story, though. She was more interesting. I liked that she started to become a heroine. She took charge. She gained control. I liked that. 
If Ava had been developed more, I would have liked her better. She seemed to be Naomi's replacement as the main character. (Even though we get enough of Naomi.) She isn't very strong, physically. She was interesting. She could have had a better story. She could be better if she had more personality. She's shy. And hidden. She doesn't put herself out much. She could have. But she didn't. She wasn't a very good character. She could have been focused on more. 

The world is quite interesting. It gets more developed. We are introduced to the Souldrinkers. (Man. They are creepy to the maximum.) The shadow weavers are interesting people to begin with. They're mysterious. Different. I don't mind them. They're pretty cool. The Souldrinkers were nice elements to add. More types of shadows. Different, more crueler ones. I admit that the Souldrinks made me antsy. But they were also great villains. (I wish there was more development on Clarice. She was interesting. Who did she choose for a body? Why? I would like to know about the one that was in Jesse's father's body. Where did he go? Why?) If they were only written about more...that would have been amazing. 

I don't like the romance. Jesse and Naomi are a...kinda cute couple. I've read better. I would have preferred if they had their relationship more developed. If they had more pages. If they were better together.
I see they care for each other. I just...didn't care for them. They are alright on their own. But together? Another story. They could have been better. They weren't a couple I was rooting for. (I knew there would be a couple in the first book. I just knew.) 
There were too many times when Naomi could do nothing. I didn't like that. She could have done more. Tried harder. She cared enough. It seems like she cared more for him than he cared for her. 
It's hard to describe exactly why I hated this relationship. I know it's hard to understand.
Let's leave it at this.
I didn't like the relationship. 

There is also a small attempt at diversity. By this, I mean, Bastian being gay. This isn't even hinted. It is thrown on you as a surprise. Like a last-minute surprise party. As much as I support the LGBT community, this was a weak attempt at diversity. At least we had Minhyun in the last book. (He was not Caucasian.) We don't have much this book. We have passing mentions of Minhyun. Ava and Bastian are, most likely, British. We didn't get much diversity. Anyways, you are told Bastian is gay. You typically get hints or something. Or it's told early on. I felt like him being gay is a last minute attempt for diversity. (No offense to the author, though. I personally never wrote very diverse characters.) 
I am huge on diversity. I like diverse books. (I am Chinese American. I am questioning. I am diverse.) I would have preferred more diverse characters. It could have been better. 

The plot seemed to abruptly end. And the way Ava defeated the monster. She just used one scream? And no one else fought it? And she is oh-so powerful that she killed it with one fell swoop? Believable. (Sarcasm.) I would prefer if she fought it. Sword on arm. Or something. She just used her magical power and defeated it. Just like that. Such a quick ending.
And the story's ending. It just ended. Without anything else. It wasn't a good ending. It simply ended. There wasn't any resolution. It just ended after the fight, the climax. 

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