Friday, January 2, 2015

2015 LGBT Challenge

The Amazing Niji Feels has created a LGBT Challenge for 2015! 
I'm excited. I typically don't read LGBT. Not that I'm against it or anything. I just don't read those things often. I just read like most everyone else out there in the world. Straight, Caucasian. (And as an Asian, might I add, that I'm trying to be diverse and open-minded.) With close friends and confidants that are bisexual, as well as my own misadventures with the same sex, I have decided that sexuality is not worth my time. (Because, honestly, why does it matter if you're female or male? As long as you give me books, I'm perfectly fine with you.) I could care less about sexuality honestly. That's might be just me. But I've read enough LGBT books in my time. ('Will Grayson, Will Grayon'. 'Ash'. You know...the works. I've also read Cassandra Clare's 'The Mortal Instruments'.) LGBT has never really been my genre. I like it in books, but romance in books is, as you may have noticed, infuriating, annoying, and downright hair-ripping-ly painful for me to read. Guess that's how I can be open-minded. 

Enough about that, though. 
Here's a cat picture to keep you reading my blabbing
Meow meow. I like tummy scratches. 

Look at me! I'm so cute!

Moving on from the random cat pictures! 
I have chosen to be an: 
  • OMNIVOROUS BOOKGLUTTON: 10+ LGBT books from any genre
  • (Aka I'm a glutton for punishment.)
I'll update you as I go along. I might even do a really cool wrap-up thingy. 
But I'll keep track of all my LGBT books. (Or books that have LGBT main characters. I don't often read just LGBT books. I'm an action/dystopian/urban fantasy type of girl.)

The Details:
  • The challenge runs from 1 January through 31 December 2015
  • Like last year, each month there will be a mini challenge/theme/list/thingy
  • This year, there is no form/genre restriction (you can read whatever you want – young adult, new adult, adult, erotica, nonfiction, manga – as long as its LGBT)
  • And the LGBT in the challenge’s name does not mean just LGBT, you can read any book that falls under the L(esbian) G(ay) B(isexual) T(ransexual) T(ransgender) Q(ueer) Q(uestioning) I(ntersex) A(sexual)+ spectrum
  • There will be link ups throughout the year (but the setup is going to be a little different from last year)
  • All formats (print books, ebooks, audiobooks, comics) are eligible
  • Books can overlap with other challenges
  • (At… certain times) there will be surprise giveaways, as well as one big giveaway at the end of the year ;)
And if you want to sign up yourself, dear readers... Sign Up Here!

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  1. Aww, such a cute kitty! Welcome to the LGBT Challenge, Wren!! Hope you find some great LGBT books (with non-annoying romances in them) to read this year. :)