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November 21, 2014: 'The Island of Excess Love'

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Date: November 21, 2014

Spoilers Ahead

The Island of Excess Love
Francesca Lia Block

Pen has lost her parents. She’s lost her eye. But she has fought Kronen; she has won back her fragile friends and her beloved brother. Now Pen, Hex, Ash, Ez, and Venice are living in the pink house by the sea, getting by on hard work, companionship, and dreams. Until the day a foreboding ship appears in the harbor across from their home. As soon as the ship arrives, they all start having strange visions of destruction and violence. Trance-like, they head for the ship and their new battles begin.

This companion to Love in the Time of Global Warming follows Pen as she searches for love among the ruins, this time using Virgil’s epic Aeneid as her guide. A powerful and stunning book filled with Francesca Lia Block’s beautiful language and inspiring characters.

City Calendar:
This is what happened during the week.
Ship arrives at the house. Merk arrives with it. Pen, Ash, Ez, Hex, and Ven go on the ship. They, except Ven, see their worst nightmare. They flee. Bull the Giant Pen blinded comes. All of them go on the ship. They set sail. The ship crashes. Pen and Hex see dead versions of themselves and bury them. They are found by three harpies who take them to a king who claims Pen's his queen. They meet with their friends. Hex goes to sleep early and disappears. The king and Pen hang out with their friends. Hex leaves a note after Pen and the king see his magical orchids. The king takes Pen to bed. The king is burned to death by the harpies. The harpies attack Pen and her friends as they flee. They find Hex. They flee on a boat. They arrive at an island. Pen finds a young girl who takes them to the queen of the shades. Pen meets her friends. The dead king bargains for their freedom. They escape with Hex following them even though Pen thought he wouldn't. Pen tells a story, bridging the gap between her and Hex. The two start to make up. The group go home. 
And that's what happened this week.

Personal Ads:
Storyteller. Brave. Lover to Hex. Cheater. Sees future and past. Loves her friends and family. Cares for people. Will do what she needs to to protect her family.

This book has magic. The magic is captivating. It is exciting. You don't always get magic like this. It does have problems, though. Some of it seems to be ignored. The magic all of the people who survived gained is one. I wish the elemental magic was more touched upon.
I also like the developing Pen. She develops. She is braver. She cares more. This book shows that. I like that. She was a bit dull earlier in the series.
I don't like the romance and the sex. I didn't like the romance to begin with. It just seems rushed and confusing. The chemistry is there, but I don't see the basis. And the sex? That's too much. They're everywhere. With Hex. With Dylan the king. There are too many. Could this book be a bit more censored?
I also don't like the rushed plot. The plot could be slower. More evenly paced. I feel like drama is thrown at you constantly. Sometimes it's okay. Sometimes it's not. It's the latter in this book's case.

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