Friday, November 21, 2014

Letter to the Editor: 'If I Stay'

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Date: November 21, 2014

Topic: 'If I Stay' by Gayle Forman

Dear Gayle Forman,
Before I go any further, congrats on your success with your book.
Now. Onto my critique of your book. 
I do think there is a story here. Girl tries to decide to stay or not. But I feel like the plot was dull. Too much backstory. I wanted more drama. More action. The story seemed to lack the drama I wanted.
Sure. I'll admit that Adam grows on you. He's funny and in love with Mia. I can see that plain as day. I just feel like he's a bit plain. A bit...boring. He has some great lines. He has some great scenes. (Breaking into the ICU? Nice one. Applause for you, Adam.) 
The main character is...lackluster. I don't particularly like Mia. She seems...too plain. She doesn't have emotional pain. She is a bit dull. No drama. No theatrics. Mia is too good for her own good. That isn't a fantastic main character.
The plot was slow. We got some dramatic scenes. Those were far and few in between, though. We had thoughts. We had backstory. Drama? Little to none. 
Now. I'm done tearing you down. I'll admit that this book had too much hype. But you did write a great story.
The ending was predictable, but it was still sweet. It was a cute ending.
I also like the romance between Adam and Mia. They obviously love each other. They have one of those loves that other people want. I think they are a great couple. I don't see much charged chemistry, but they still work. What Adam and Mia do for each other...shows love. True love. If you believe in that.

A concerned citizen 

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