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December 27, 2014: 'The Celestial Globe'

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Date: December 27, 2014

Spoilers Ahead

The Celestial Globe
Marie Rutkoski

After stealing her father’s eyes back from Prince Rodolfo, Petra Kronos lives in constant danger. She and her tin spider, Astrophil, end up hiding out in London, where she learns more about her magical abilities. London has its charms (like Petra’s attractive fencing master), but Petra needs to get back to Bohemia and her father.

Meanwhile, Prince Rodolfo is trying to locate a powerful object called the Celestial Globe. Petra’s friends, Tomik and Neel, are searching for her and traveling with a band of Gypsies searching for the globe.

The race is on to see who will find the globe first, and who will make it out of this deadly chase alive.

City Calendar:
This is what happened during the week.
Petra's family without her father and her leave Okno. Petra goes to deluge tin to Tomik. The gray men attack the Sign of Compass Petra's father's shop. She faints. She wakes up in London with John Dee nearby. Tomik tries to follow Petra. He ends up on the coast with Romas, in directing meeting Neel. Petra is saved by Dee. Dee summons Ariel an air spirit. Tomik and Neel and the Roma pirates land in Sallay where Tomik is supposed to be sold. Tomik runs off after Neel is used to scry the location of the Celestial Globe and Petra. Neel catches him. Tomik and Neel plan to find Petra. Petra trains in sword fighting with a young man named Kit. Petra finally leaves room and the Dees' house with John Dee. Tomik and Neel fight. They become allies in the quest to find Petra. A ship follows the Pacolet. A storm comes. Neel is hurt. 
Petra works on the West's death. She goes to the winter ball and dances with Kit. Petra talks to Dee's wife Agatha. She reveals the truth to Kit. Kit and Petra kiss. Kit takes Petra to someone who knew Cotton a man who was murdered. She goes to a print shop Cotton took interest in and gets a title page for a certain book. She goes to Sutton Hoo and finds a coin from Romany in the mounds. 
Neel and Tomik land in London. Petra pretends to be a servant for information. The two boys find Petra. The three talk about the murders Petra is trying to solve and the Celestial Globe. Rodolfo the prince of Bohemia arrives in London. Petra sees Kit again after he is fired by Dee. Madinia, Margaret, Petra, Kit, Neel, and Tomik go to Cotton's house. (Madinia and Margaret being Dee's two gifted daughters.) Neel and Tomik are taken by the prince. Kit attacks Petra. Petra is forced to find the globe. She summons Ariel who almost destroys her. Dee comes in and saves Petra. Kit and Walsingham are arrested after the fight. Neel gets the globe. He gives it to Treb the Roma captain. Petra talked to Kit and gives him a key to escape. Petea finds out that her father is no longer a human but a gray man. She joins Neel and Tomik on a boat to the Roma homelands. They use the two globes the Terrestrial and Celestial Globe to get to said homelands.  
And that's what happened this week.

Personal Ads:
Chimaera. Metal magic. Owns a metal spider named Astrophil. Has an invisible sword. Audacious. Cares for her father. Wants to make things right. Confused about her magic. Bohemian. Stole from the prince of Bohemia. 

Glass magic. Fighter. Petra's childhood friend. Kind. Learner. Curious. Befriends people easily. Bohemian. 

Danior's fingers. Thief. Liar. Roma. Cocky. Standoffish. Stole from the prince of Bohemia. Cares for his 'family' who aren't blood related. Cares for Petra. 

This series keeps making me smile. I really like it.
I liked the action. Petra gets to sword fight. Exciting. I like action in general. This book gets more action. She gets to fight. We get less running and more confrontation. The first book had a lot of running. Petra gets to stand up and face her fears. 
Petra grows. Finally. I mean...I liked her, but she needed to grow up. Just a bit. She was acting a little childish. She grows up now. She realizes that she had to learn her magics, perfect them. I like that she has this change. I wanted it to come. I was waiting for it to come. Petra no longer seems like a little girl barely twelve. She acts like a teenager but a mature one. (Hard to believe.) 
The multiple perspectives were cool. I liked knowing about what was going on with the other people. I really like Neel's character. I'm happy that I got more of him. But we also had Petra. That was good. It wasn't hard to keep up with. You want to know what happened with the others. 
The hunt for the murderer is really amazing. I don't love mysteries, but I like this one. The clues are a bit vague. I couldn't really keep up. The mystery is weaved in. I liked it. It seemed to work right. Sure, the story didn't gain much from the mystery, but I still liked it. 
For me, the only thing that I didn't like is Kit and Petra. Wow. Where is that from? The chemistry isn't there. Petra put in too much in the relationship when Kit did nothing. Kit seemed to just put effort when he needed Petra. He really didn't seem to like her. Poor Petra. I feel sorry for her. She put so much effort into it but got nothing out of it. 

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